Wednesday, September 11, 2013

White House

Last year we decided to go on a trip to Washington D.C. to see my friend who lives in Virginia.
I was looking and saw that the Smithsonian does a "Night at the Museum" like in the movie of the same name.
That's the plan I said, "We will go spend the night at the Museum and make a trip out of it."
My wife who works here in the insurance industry in Las Vegas is an acquaintance of Rory Reid who is the son of Harry Reid.
I mentioned she should ask him to see what it would take to get us a tour of the White House since we would be in town.
He said we would need to send in information for background checks and the dates we would be in town.
We had to submit the paperwork 6 months in advance.
After sending in the appropriate paperwork we got very official emails for the tour and a specific date/ time to arrive during our trip.
When we arrived at the security section of the White House garden we were asked to see our ID's and looked on a list to find our names.
We then walked through another gate around 20 yards away and got the same treatment.
After that we walked through a building that made walking through TSA a joke.
It had security guards posted with automatic machine guns. Dogs on leashes and no less than 3 scanning stations.
But we were in.
We got to see some of the amazing history in those halls on our short and "No pictures allowed" self-guided tour.
I did snap 1 on my phone of the entrance and got yelled at by a guard.
I am only glad that I can say we went, and that I had my son with me. Who knows when the public will be allowed in again?
To our White House, the taxpayer’s house.