Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blue Stars

It was just a request, my wife telling me to pick up the blue star pajamas at the house on Sunday.

I quickly opened up my phone and jotted it down in Google Note. Not wanting to forget with everything that had happened over the week.

When I left, I somehow knew it would be the last personal item I would be grabbing at the house of my beautiful mother in law who was so tired and sick.

It was all very sudden, she went in to the hospital a few weeks earlier not knowing the reason she was tired, we found out quickly it was stage 4 cancer.

It was a shot to us all, the girls taking it the hardest, they were about to lose their mom after losing their father only a few years back.

Next were the doctor’s appointments, the late night breathing treatments and pain management. I never saw 2 girls working so hard for a solution to a problem.

When we finally came to the realization that the battle would be lost we chose to bring her home.

Home, from the Hospice of room after room of sick or challenged people not able to take care of themselves, of uncaring or just numb caregivers, that had seen this all before.

Was it selfish? No, I knew that these loving girls could do more in the next 12 hours than the nurses that were paid to do so could.

We were very fortunate to have her for even that short amount of time. And I am sure she was happy too.

I got the Blue Star pajamas back home as requested, but mom was not ready for more time in the care of others. I would have done anything to keep her here longer, but I knew I couldn't.

She had a higher calling and was heading home.

I hope she is surrounded by real Blue Stars now.

Love You Addie.