Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Believe In Miracles

I Believe In Miracles.

That’s absurd you might say. You can’t prove it was a miracle.

It might have just been dumb luck, or all the right things falling into place at the right time.

That is just your opinion, you will say.

You’re right. And I say it was a miracle.

A miracle that my son was born after all the miscarriages and high risk doctors said we couldn’t conceive.

A miracle that I was freed from addiction and it didn’t cost me my job, life or freedom.

A miracle that a person with only a high school education, could survive 2 layoffs, and still work at the most prestigious hotel in Vegas.

Sometimes it takes a miracle. Sometimes the odds are not in our favor, and no matter what we change it doesn’t work out the way we wanted. But it does work out.

We want it all to work out to our plan, but we can’t. It wasn’t really our plan to begin with.

We don’t have control of the outcome, only the work we put up to that point.

I agree that we should meet our challenges head on, and fight for what we want. No one gets everything, life isn’t always fair.

When we stop and see the miracles around us it makes the fight worth it.

I am fighting to keep my family healthy, my son on track to be the best he can and staying employed under the circumstances of our current economy.

There are people that are fighting cancer, to take their next breath, to have a positive outlook for the day.

These are when the miracles happen, when we aren’t expecting them to they show up in our lives.
Making the unexpected possible.

I am grateful when I can sit back and watch the miracle happen.

Not the luck of it all.

As Wayne Dyer Says: I am realistic, I expect miracles.